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The Property Manager's Winter Cleaning Checklist

Don't let the cold fool you! While spring cleaning gets all the glory, property managers know the importance of tackling some chores during the harsh winter months.

Is Winter Cleaning a thing?

Winter presents unique challenges to your properties, and a deep cleaning during this time can ward off potential problems and create a more pleasant experience for your tenants and teams.

Winter cleaning, therefore, is not only a 'thing' but a crucial aspect of property upkeep, ensuring that residential and commercial spaces remain safe, hygienic, and conducive to comfortable living and working environments.

So, before the snow piles up, let's dive into why "winter cleaning" is absolutely a thing for savvy property managers like yourself.

The Importance of a Winter Cleaning Checklist

The hustle and bustle of the winter season brings increased foot traffic and wear and tear to your commercial building. From salt tracked in on boots to holiday decoration dust, neglecting a thorough cleaning can impact the overall health and aesthetics of your space.

row of red buildings affected by snow

That's where a winter cleaning checklist comes in. This tailored plan ensures every nook and cranny of your commercial building receives the attention it deserves, promoting a clean office environment for tenants and visitors alike.

While some property managers may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling these tasks themselves, enlisting the expertise of a commercial cleaning company offers a solution that provides both ease and peace of mind. With professionals at the helm, property managers can rest assured that their spaces will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained to the highest standards, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of property management.

Our Winter Cleaning Checklist

We've crafted a comprehensive winter cleaning checklist to ensure your commercial space shines throughout the season.

From the lobby to the restrooms, and every commercial or workspace in between, we focus on thoroughness and attention to detail. Remember, this is just a guide; tailor it to your specific needs and building layout.

Take Care of the Roof

cleaning the gutter of roofs

While indoor cleanliness is crucial, winter presents unique challenges for your building's exterior, particularly the roof. Snow accumulation, ice dams, and trapped debris can lead to costly damage if left unattended. Consider incorporating roof cleaning into your winter maintenance plan for several reasons:

Prevent ice dams

Ice dams form when melting snow refreezes at the eaves, potentially causing leaks and damaging shingles. Early removal of snow buildup can prevent this issue.

Clear clogged gutters

Blocked gutters with leaves and debris can trap water, adding weight to the roof and potentially causing ice dams. Regular gutter cleaning throughout winter is essential.

Extend roof lifespan

By removing debris and addressing minor issues early, you can prevent them from escalating into more significant and expensive repairs down the line.

DIY roof cleaning may be tempting for small areas, remember that safety is paramount.

Consider partnering with a professional commercial cleaning company like Atlas Facilities Maintenance, equipped with the expertise and safety gear to tackle challenging winter roof cleaning tasks effectively.

Maintain High-Touch Areas

Especially during flu season, prioritizing the cleanliness of high-traffic areas is essential to create a safe environment for all occupants. High-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and elevator buttons are notorious breeding grounds for flu viruses and other pathogens.

Focus on Frequent Disinfection

  • Target hot zones: Identify and prioritize cleaning in high-traffic areas like reception areas, break rooms, bathrooms, and common workspaces.

  • Increase cleaning frequency: Disinfect these areas several times a day, especially during peak activity periods.

  • Choose effective disinfectants: Use EPA-registered disinfectants proven to kill flu viruses. Always follow label instructions for safe and effective use.

Mindfulness and Thoroughness

  • Don't forget light switches: These often overlooked surfaces are frequently touched and harbor germs.

  • Provide hand sanitizer stations: Place dispensers in convenient locations to encourage frequent hand hygiene.

  • Promote healthy habits: Encourage tenants to cover coughs and sneezes, dispose of tissues properly, and wash hands regularly.

Extra Measures for Peace of Mind

  • Consider electrostatic disinfection: This advanced technique provides a comprehensive and long-lasting germ kill on surfaces.

  • Partner with professional cleaners: Atlas Facilities Maintenance possesses the expertise and equipment to tackle heavy-duty disinfection, freeing up your time and resources.

While a clean and well-maintained commercial space is crucial for winter, remember that your employees are your most valuable asset.

street sign that says cold and flu season

During winter, when flu activity notoriously peaks in February, caring for their well-being becomes even more important. Encourage frequent handwashing, offer hand sanitizer stations, and remind everyone to stay home if they feel unwell.

Consider providing flu shots on-site or offering flexible work arrangements for those experiencing minor symptoms. By promoting a healthy work environment and showing support for their well-being, you not only invest in their health but also foster a culture of appreciation and loyalty, ultimately benefiting your entire commercial space throughout the winter season and beyond.

Clean Windows

windows with ice crystals

Imagine stepping into a dimly lit office during the already short winter days. Dirty windows, acting like frosted panes, block precious natural light, creating a gloomy and uninviting atmosphere. But it doesn't have to be that way! Add clean windows in your winter cleaning checklist brings a multitude of benefits to your commercial space.

Do Floor Care

Winter weather throws a curve ball at your commercial floors. From salt deposits tracked in on boots to slippery snow-melt puddles, maintaining pristine and safe surfaces requires extra vigilance. Here's how to conquer floor care challenges and keep your commercial space shining despite the winter chill.

Combat Salt Deposits

  • Prevention is key: Invest in high-quality, absorbent floor mats at entrances and exits. Encourage tenants and teams to wipe their shoes thoroughly before entering.

  • Regular cleaning: Use floor cleaners specifically designed to remove salt deposits without damaging your floors.

  • Spot clean spills promptly: Don't let salt residue linger and create unsightly white streaks or slippery patches.

wet floor sign with Chinese sub heading

Tackle Slippery Situations

  • Mop frequently: Especially in high-traffic areas, regular mopping with warm water and a mild detergent removes tracked-in moisture and prevents puddles.

  • Post wet floor signs: Alert occupants to any freshly mopped areas to avoid slips and falls.

  • Consider traction mats: Place strategically in areas prone to moisture buildup, like entryways and around restrooms.

Improve Winter Air Quality

During the winter months, indoor air quality can suffer due to factors such as poor ventilation and increased indoor pollutants. To combat this issue, it's essential to focus on key elements such as air filters, air purifiers, and clean air ducts. Simple yet effective strategies can ensure everyone breathe easy throughout the season.

1. Replace air filters in your HVAC system regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations, even more frequently during winter months. Dirty filters restrict airflow and trap pollutants, reducing efficiency and air quality. Consider HEPA filters, which offer superior filtration for dust, allergens, and even some germs.

main in medical mask cleaning the HVAC

2. Position air purifiers in high-occupancy areas or near potential pollutant sources like printers or kitchens. Choose air purifiers with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters for comprehensive pollutant removal.

3. Schedule regular air duct cleaning to remove dust, dander, and other contaminants trapped within the system. If you suspect mold growth in your air ducts, call a qualified professional for immediate remediation.

Additional Tips for Fresh Air

  • Increase ventilation: When weather permits, open windows and doors for short periods to bring in fresh air and flush out stale air.

  • Invest in plants: Indoor plants can act as natural air purifiers, improving air quality and adding a touch of greenery to your space.

  • Minimize chemical use: Opt for cleaning products with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to reduce indoor air pollution.

Train Employees

A sparkling commercial space during winter isn't just about the final polish; it's about empowered employees equipped to handle the extra attention required for winter's unique challenges. By providing training on key cleaning tasks and equipping them with your essential winter cleaning checklist, you create a team prepared to conquer the season.

Hire Cleaning Experts

Sometimes the demands of winter maintenance necessitate the expertise of professional cleaning services. Partnering with a trusted provider like Atlas Facilities Maintenance can free up your time, resources, and ensure your commercial properties receive the comprehensive winter cleaning they deserve.

Leave the winter cleaning worries behind and let Atlas Facilities Maintenance take care of your commercial space. Contact us today for a free consultation and experience the difference professional cleaning can make.



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