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Our client, Radiation Oncology Care at Meridian Park (MPROC), provides top-notch care for cancer patients with state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team. It is also the only free-standing oncology clinic within the Portland Metro area.

MPROC was looking for a new janitorial services provider to clean and disinfect their premises and equipment. These services were especially critical for this facility since the client was in the healthcare field, and the need was made even more acute due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. They needed experienced janitorial staff that could be trusted to carefully clean and disinfect the body contacting component of the radiation equipment. Based on our track record of servicing multiple locations with similar needs, and the reputation of quality of our organization, Atlas Facilities Maintenance was contacted and asked to find a solution that would meet their needs.


Understanding their situation, Atlas came up with a plan that included special training for janitorial staff, sourcing EPA-approved hospital-grade chemicals, and customizing workflows.

To minimize the deposit of fine particles on horizontal surfaces after cleaning, emptying trash receptacles, and replacing liners was the first step in the entire workflow.  Next, our crew was to vacuum all carpeted areas with commercial-grade vacuum cleaners with special HEPA filters. Then, our staff wiped down all horizontal surfaces with cleaning towels treated with disinfectant rather than using spray bottles and dry towels. Extra rounds of wiping were applied to the parts of the radiation machines that came in contact with patients so that any possible stain or soil was removed with no lint or residual on the surface.

The wipe-down process was optimized in such a way that cleaners carried a bag of clean towels presoaked with disinfectant. Used towels were collected in a separate bag and returned to the sink for treatment afterward.  This process helped to avoid cross-contamination of the towels and sped up the cleaning procedure. In the final step, our team mopped the vinyl floor areas and thoroughly cleaned the bathrooms.

To maintain consistency in service delivery, Atlas Operations Manager performed routine inspections and conducted regular surveys.


Since we started providing our janitorial service at Radiation Oncology Care at Meridian Park, there has been zero incidents of Covid-19 infections at the facility and the senior management has praised our work. There were no service interruptions during this process. ​


Our customers rely on us. That is why we require the highest accountability from our entire team of management and cleaning technicians in the field. We empower and rely on our employees to deliver a seamless solution, service that provides a sense of cleanliness and safety, serenity, health, and peace of mind. We pride ourselves on never backing down from a challenge.

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