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What To Look For In A Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company

If your office isn't clean, safe, and hygienic for everyone, your business can't run at full capacity. If your company is unable to offer janitorial services internally, you already know that you must outsource and select the best possible cleaning service.

What Should You Look For In A Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company?

Services Offered

Does the janitorial or commercial cleaning company that you are considering offer the services you are looking for? As important as this is, sometimes the best janitorial and commercial companies are the ones that are not only going to give you the services you want, but educate you on the services that you need and your business could really benefit from.

Window cleaning is a specialty of certain organizations, while janitorial services are the primary emphasis of others. You may be looking for a business cleaning company that can handle a variety of tasks at the same time, but what plan is going to lead to the best results at the most optimal prices?

Atlas Facilities offers a variety of services and has been one of the select leading cleaning companies in Oregon since 1995 - from window cleaning and custodial services in prestigious schools such as St. Mary’s Academy, to providing janitorial services to USPS and AT&T locations throughout Oregon and Washington, these are just some of the most popular services that Atlas offers:

  • Clean Your Carpets

  • Cleaning Glass Windows

  • Maintenance of Hard Surfaces

  • Janitorial and Custodial Services

  • Cleaning Using High-Pressure Jets

Past Reviews and Experience

Many commercial cleaning businesses work in the evenings and weekends, so you don’t always see them. To transfer this duty requires a confirmation that the recipient is an established business. To get a feel of how well-established the cleaning firm is, it's wise to ask about their present clientele and previous work. The more you know about the facilities they work with and how long they've been in business, the more confident you may be in their integrity.

Quality Of Employees

Trusting a firm to offer after-hours service is the first step in protecting your property, but making sure they perform a good job demands inquiring about their employees. An experienced commercial cleaning company would be happy to explain their recruiting procedure to you. To ensure a consistent final result, the procedure should begin with screening and background checks and then go on to staff training. There are several ways to find out how often your facility's personnel will come to your location, as well as how often you'll have to deal with employee turnover.

Experience In Your Industry

The years in a particular field of business impacts a commercial cleaning company's degree of expertise. Medical facilities need businesses that can meet strict regulations, such as those found in the healthcare industry. Likewise, there are protocols in place to ensure that cables are not relocated in a damaging manner in data-driven and technology-based institutions. These are all factors that determine whether a proper training is in place for all employees and you will quickly know if you made the right choice or not when it comes to your facility.

Why Work With Us?

Atlas is a company that provides all the training it needs to meet high standards of quality in cleaning facilities such as medical offices, retail spaces, government offices, restaurants and general office facilities, and we have been doing so since 1995.

The Atlas team is diligent in following the continually updated rules and recommendations from health authorities and meeting the requirements set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As part of our process, we take into account how each area inside and outside of your building is set up and what it is used for as we put together comprehensive daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning plans.

With several sites in Oregon, Washington, and California, we have screened and educated our janitorial and cleaning staff to handle emergency assignments and repeat services alike - giving us the capability and capacity to meet most facility's cleaning needs.

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