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Types of Facilities That Require Weekly Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services address the non-domestic needs for cleaning including vacuuming large spaces and offices, managing hazardous waste, flooring maintenance, and disinfecting facilities with heavy foot traffic.

Office cleaning and commercial services comprise more extensive cleaning tasks performed regularly throughout the year instead of your typical cleaning. Cleaning carpets, cleaning and sanitizing desktops and workstations, steam cleaning furniture, and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens are routine tasks for commercial establishments.

Atlas’ commercial cleaning and janitorial services maintain a range of structures:

  • Banks

The banking industry attaches a lot of importance regarding cleanliness and hygiene because of the many customers that banks service each day and the details related to reflecting the image of its brand. Weekly cleaning is imperative to reduce the spread of illnesses and health issues within these establishments. Therefore, banks expect a higher standard of cleaning services from their partners. Many banks employ commercial cleaning companies to keep their environment tidy, and Atlas is one of those companies.

  • Hospitals

Hospitals are a vital service to society. Nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals need these facilities to provide life-saving treatment for millions of people every day. To promote health and wellness goals, healthcare professionals must provide a safe and clean environment since it's an area that is frequently visited. It is essential to provide quality and efficient cleaning services for healthcare, and medical facilities to ensure a healthy and secure space.

Guidelines for proper medical care demand the highest standards of cleanliness. Specialized professionals who offer medical cleaning services can help make sure that facilities or offices work at their optimal efficiency in many ways. Engaging a commercial cleaner that will keep your place clean correctly will maintain the health of your medical center and achieve the high satisfaction scores you're looking for. This will also help you reduce your focus on safety and patient care.

  • Government Offices

One of the sectors that regularly requires a regular contract for commercial cleaning and janitorial services is the federal sector. The government cleaning contract is not easy to get and, without a doubt, once it's established, it sets the standard for what to look for in a commercial cleaning company.

Government offices receive lots of foot traffic. Visitors from all over the globe visit government facilities and these places accumulate massive amounts of bacteria as time passes. Hiring weekly, if not daily, cleaning services is essential to tackle this issue effectively.

  • Public Libraries

Libraries should take measures to save their staff and patrons from infectious diseases. As a response to concerns about the overspreading of COVID-19 and other related infections, libraries must intensify regular commercial clean-up services in high-traffic areas and on surfaces that are highly touched by people such as doors, computers, and elevator buttons.

In addition, it's known that clean environments help people focus. A messy library doesn't improve the study abilities of anyone and could lead to a variety of health issues. Hiring a cleaning service is an excellent investment to ensure the safety of the library's patrons, books, and other collection assets.

  • Grocery Stores

The look of a supermarket store reveals the level of care that keeps it safe for customers. As the store's owner and manager, you would like customers to feel secure that cleanliness and security are top priorities in your establishment. Grocery stores experience many people walking through their doors each day and frequent hand-to-hand interaction across all produce and places. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the commercial areas are essential to keep your store safe and clean.

Here are some cleaning services offered from Atlas that your business might need today for commercial use:

  • Carpet Cleaning

Many offices are adorned with carpets. They provide noise-damping capabilities that permit people working in the area below to work without interruption from music meetings or the sound of a rolling chair moving over the flooring. They can soften and enhance the appearance of rooms and offer the most comfortable space for workers who are sitting for long periods.

Conventional carpet cleaners create residue, which reduces the carpet's life and causes it to break down fibers quicker. At Atlas, we make sure to use products that do not crumble fibers, yet still provide the same clean environment.

  • Deep Cleaning

A thorough cleaning helps to stop the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. It also keeps an eye on dust and clutter. This could include cleaning hard-to-access places like vents and ceiling accessories, as well as paying close attention to floors, stairs, elevators, break rooms, and baseboards that could gather dust and germs; all which trigger allergies that can harm your working environment, customers and employees.

  • Electrostatic Spray Cleaning

Atlas Facilities' unique weekly electrostatic spraying cleanses and aids in combating harmful viruses and pathogens by using a high-quality disinfectant. The disinfectant solution is created to prevent the spread of viruses by sticking to both soft and hard surfaces for a long time. Electrostatic sprays reach high-touch surfaces and other hard surfaces to prevent harmful viruses or bacteria from spreading. This service is common for universities and educational facilities, as well as Atlas’ vehicle disinfecting program.

  • Window Cleaning

The window cleaning service is available for all spaces in buildings, including food establishments, grocery stores, window displays for retail stores, and multi-story structures. Many professional firms have the proper devices and the equipment needed to accomplish the task. However, it is something that not every company can perform, mainly when cleaning tall buildings or buildings with numerous windows. You can be sure to have this particular service with Atlas.


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