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Post-Pandemic Changes to Implement In Your Commercial Building

Most people have noticed that ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many commercial buildings, medical facilities, schools, and retail operations have made some changes to ensure the public’s safety. Some of these changes have been minor, while others have been significant; but the one certainty is that they will not be ending anytime soon and the best option for most business owners is to adapt.

While the government implements strict health protocols for functioning commercial and government buildings, they are there to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Below are some tips to help you adjust to these protocols:

  • Hand Sanitizers in Strategic Areas

You don’t know what kind of exposure the people in your building have, so keeping their hands disinfected as much as possible is important. It’s not uncommon for people to be infected from all kinds of viruses by touching surfaces in public spaces. A professional cleaning company will ensure that all hand sanitizers are filled, and clean the area where it’s placed.

  • Contactless Technology

Contactless technology has been around for a long time before the pandemic in public places such as banks through the use of online banking, motion-activated doors and metal detectors. It’s actually a technology that most people use nowadays to avoid contact.

  • Redesign Your Office Layout

Many businesses have implemented social distancing protocols through the way they have laid out their office, and others have put up plastic barriers on the front and sides of each desk to protect them from any possible contaminants in the air. Social distancing has a drastic effect on infection rates.

  • Incorporate Easy-to-Clean Materials

Some businesses have completely remodeled their spaces due to the nature of some building materials being hard to clean. For example, wood baseboards have been replaced with aluminum ones to avoid having to use several cleaning techniques before you can reach a clean surface. Carpets have also been replaced with vinyl floors, which don’t have the same dirt absorbent qualities.

  • Make Use of Your Outdoor Space

Commercial buildings today have seats for eating outside because it provides more space and fresh air for everyone. In fact, some commercial buildings have put conference tables under tents to hold outdoor meetings.

  • Improve Your HVAC System

Sneezing or coughing nowadays makes people uncomfortable. A good HVAC system can improve the air circulation and filtration inside the building.

  • Implement Online Communication Tools

Many companies have implemented online communication tools to offset physical contact. If you don’t want to limit the number of employees getting bunched together in small conference rooms, online communication tools are effective and some even help improve the organization of meetings.

Any of these tips are good ways to improve and maintain the safety and productivity of your commercial building and business now and in the future to ensure that everyone is healthy, happy and safe.


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