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Diversifying Team Atlas

Over recent years, many companies, non-profits, and governmental organizations have increasingly focused on implementing strategies to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. This work is focused on creating workplaces that are far more representative and responsive to the wider societies that they represent and serve.

Since the appointment of a new senior leadership team in Fall 2020, Atlas Facilities Maintenance has seen significant developments in its DEI practices and is reaping the benefits as a result.

From a position of there being no women or Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) individuals in senior positions, Atlas now proudly has a far more representative leadership team, by both heritage and gender. We are particularly proud to say that this includes all four members of the team of Vice Presidents. You can meet them and the rest of our dedicated and diverse group of individuals on our website’s Our Team page.

A key consequence of this, and one that many organizations which have diversified their leadership teams in this way have seen, is that Atlas is now more open to ideas and exploring new initiatives. The greater diversity of voices in senior positions in the team has resulted in growing freedom and confidence in taking on new opportunities and seeing new perspectives.

The results of this speak for themselves. In less than a year since this new DEI-focused approach was introduced, Atlas has first stabilized and then strengthened its position, growing both the scale of the business and putting in place plans to greatly expand its geographical reach in the near future.

Team Atlas is proud of this work and will continue to undertake it, further growing, strengthening, and diversifying our company. Our ambition is to have the most diverse and representative workforce possible, at all levels of our company.

For more information about Team Atlas, or to suggest ideas for other steps that we could take, contact us here or email us at


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