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What Are The Benefits of Facility Preventive Maintenance?

Rather than waiting for something to break, businesses no matter how big or small are better off adopting a proactive mindset when it comes to facilities upkeep, improvements, and repairs. The benefits of facility preventive maintenance allow long-run costs to decrease, liabilities to be prevented, and allow the workplace to function without disturbance.

There is a difference between preventive maintenance and fixing something before it needs to be repaired. A well-formed preventive maintenance plan can reduce the headache of problems before they begin.

Preventive facility maintenance is the opposite of reactive facility maintenance. Preventive focuses on solving a problem by thinking of a solution before the problem even presents itself. Alternatively, reactive waits for the problem to present itself before solving it.

In the context of facility maintenance, preventive simply means looking after a facility before it starts to affect employees and productivity. As a very basic example, it might mean emptying all garbage cans every day to prevent trash accumulation, as opposed to waiting for the bin to get full, then emptying it. This simple concept applies to every part of facilities, from garbage cans to entire spaces such as restrooms.

Here are some of the benefits of facility preventive maintenance:

Reduced liability. If something breaks down and poses a hazard, employee safety is at risk. Fixing the leaky sink before it leads to a pool of water and someone slips is a simple example of how preventive maintenance leads to reduced liability.

Improved cost control. The cost of preventive repairs is often much less than the cost of reactive service. Repairing before a problem multiplies is a smart way to reduce costs on future preventable issues.

More accurate cost planning. Preventive repairs are accounted for. That means knowing ahead of time what the rough cost of service will be. Instead of waiting for a cost-inducing event, here at Atlas, we try our best to show how preempt costs are often lower.

Better maintenance allocation. Planning for maintenance is also a great way to manage specific-skilled staff. It prevents a deluge of work orders and instead, strings out routine maintenance and repairs over a more manageable timeline. Our scheduling structure and work efficiency are one of our key differentiating factors which allow us to meet service deadlines.

Accurate facility oversight. Preventive maintenance means always keeping a record of how maintained your facilities are. Our Regional Operations Managers allow us to track our clients’ individual facilities. Atlas FM conducts site visits which help us stick to a schedule and be a proactive facilities maintenance company.

Buildings and their many subsystems need maintenance so choosing a proactive approach means getting ahead of maintenance before it erupts into problems. To find out more about Atlas FM’s proactive approach and how we help our clients reduce costs and increase efficiency, please contact us at


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