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Spring Cleaning Large Commercial Spaces: A New Innovative Approach

Shopping malls often have light bulbs that burn out in hard to reach places or holes in drywall and graffiti that needs to be repaired on store fronts. This type of maintenance and repair requires a unique skill set that is more advanced than the average home repair.

A clean and functional commercial property means more business, less liability and increased satisfaction from visitors and workers. If you neglect quality, your property becomes vulnerable to all kinds of problems. This is why it is important to partner with a company that pays attention to all the details from the beginning.

This Spring, Atlas has partnered with Ampers to perform facilities inspection and repair services for businesses in the Portland, Oregon area - such as shopping malls. The services include detailed inspections of client facilities, followed by proposing an improvement plan and fixing spotted issues related to lighting, ventilation, interior walls, floors, drainage and the exterior of the buildings.

Here are three additional benefits you will get when working with us:

Quality - A high-quality facility maintenance team will notice problems before they become large and costly, and are as attentive to your property as they are to their own.

Consistency - Large commercial spaces, especially shopping malls, are often booming with heavy foot traffic and trash build-up. A quality facility maintenance team will not only provide daily consistency in keeping the property clean, but they will employ the same team members at your location each day, allowing for them to become experts of your property as well as a familiar face.

Transparency - Open and honest communication is key with any partnership. A quality facility maintenance partner is one that will keep you informed on all matters related to your property, even if it requires a difficult conversation. Like all relationships, problems are inevitable, but a good facility maintenance partner will be upfront and prepared to make reparations.

Both Atlas Facilities Maintenance and Ampers provide you with years of experience and an expert team of specialized skill sets, but they also keep up to date with new advancements in the field. A quality facility maintenance company is one that is up to date on new technology and techniques that improve efficiency and reduce costs for your commercial property.

This Spring, you can take advantage of this service and receive the most innovative approach with the highest quality results so that your property can stand out among the rest.


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