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Meet Our Clients

This blog focuses a topic that is very important to all of us here at Team Atlas: our clients. We’re going to take this opportunity to showcase and celebrate some of our valued and loyal clients. Not only will you have an opportunity to get to know some of them, but you will also see the many and varied industries that Atlas provides services for.

We are very proud to serve these clients and aim to provide the very best possible and most consistent service for them that we can. At the heart of the work that we do for every one of our clients is the Atlas Guarantee: If we don’t perform our services as scheduled, we will fix it within 12 hours. Or it’s free.

Atlas provides cleaning services for federal buildings in towns and cities all across Oregon and Washington. This work ensures that vital public facilities are kept clean and safe for their many staff and customers, allowing them to remain open and serve their communities.

We also provide services for major retailers across the Pacific Northwest. Two of our principal clients in this market segment are major brand retailers. Between them, these companies’ sites see thousands of members of the public visiting them each day. They, like each of the clients that Atlas serves, have a tailored cleaning program developed for them, ensuring that they receive exactly the services required.

Outside of retailers such as these, Atlas is also proud to serve local government sites. We recently signed a contract to provide COVID-19 prevention cleanings, with our sophisticated Electrostatic Sprayer technology. Using CDC-approved disinfectants, these systems have proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient techniques for disinfecting large interior spaces.

Atlas also provides these sophisticated cleaning and disinfection services to a prestigious, Roman Catholic high school (one of a number of educational institutions that Atlas’ teams are currently working at). To find out more about how Atlas worked in close partnership with St. Mary’s to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, see our recent case study.

In all circumstances, ensuring that medical facilities are spotlessly cleaned and carefully-disinfected is a priority. Atlas ensures that this is being done for a range of different medical organizations all across the Portland Metro area and beyond.

Residential properties across Oregon are also served by Atlas, as we work with a number of housing associations, community management associations and condominium boards in the Portland area. Building on our established success with these organisations, we were delighted to recently add a major local condo association to our family of clients.

This blog has been just a taster of the different types of clients that Atlas provides cleaning, janitorial and other facilities management services for.No matter what your organization, Atlas can fulfil your needs. Find out more by contacting us here or email One of our Sales and Business Development Team will be in touch.


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