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Implementing A Clean Desk Policy: Should You Do It?

It is not uncommon for people to spend some time looking for misplaced items, but when this becomes a habit and some employees spend more than two hours per day doing so, it is inexcusable. By adopting a clean desk policy, companies are encouraging employees to use their time wisely and productively, making it a working atmosphere.

Organization and a clean working environment augur deceased levels of stress and anxiety. With these benefits, many companies and corporations implement a clean desk policy. Put forth, this policy in a corporate environment highlights the importance and benefits of a clean working environment to both employers and employees.

These benefits include:

1. Productivity Increases

Cluttered spaces are synonymous with cluttered minds. It is incredibly challenging to work in an environment that has this, that and the other scattered all over it. Even the most conscientious worker, cannot work as productively as when the environment around him is clean. If you have a tendency to have paperwork piled up, you are hindering your productivity. Organizing your belongings ensures that you know where to look for things when you need them and as a result, efficiency levels increase.

2. Creates a Professional Image

There is nothing more unprofessional looking than a messy work desk. Maintaining a clean working environment for yourself translates that you are tidy, competent and organized. The opposite of this is negligent, inefficient and lazy. Being associated with the latter is not pleasant, making it all the harder to make yourself clean your working environment. By maintaining a clean desk, you will take pride in how professional you look and others will commend your spotless office.

3. Creates More Space

When items accumulate, it can make is seemingly impossible to complete a task. Not only that, but mice, rats, spiders and cockroaches are attracted to dust and paper and it’s not uncommon to spot their droppings after cleaning a desk of the person that is no longer with a company. The only way to avoid this is to keep your work desk devoid of clutter.

4. Protects Private Information

Gossip is common in offices. If you leave sensitive information on your desk, it makes it easier for a curious snoop to do what they do best – pry. Having a clean desk, makes your private life private. It also discourages dishonest employees from their unethical behaviors.

5. Creates a Focused Environment

Losing focus is easy when nothing seems to be in order. When work areas are neat, staying on task is much easier. The best way to prevent yourself from getting distracted is to always put everything back where it belongs. Doing so is a habit, and once you have adopted it, it is simple to lead an organized lifestyle.

While these policies encourage better habits among employees, it is still important to utilize all of your resources in maintaining a healthy environment for everyone. Cleaning is just one aspect of reducing illnesses, allergies and other diseases that can come from bad habits, but disinfecting surfaces is what truly prevents them. With that said, having a clean desk policy makes sense but requiring every employee to also bring disinfecting wipes and wipe their own desks can be much. In these instances, janitorial and commercial cleaning service companies such as Atlas Facilities Maintenance exist and work within a variety of industries to facilitate the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces to make sure you have the full-benefits of a clean working environment.


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