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Four Seasons, One Perfect Landscape – The Atlas Way

Why is Lawn Maintenance and Repair Important?

Healthy practices for a healthy landscape may seem straightforward; however, every layout requires a different maintenance schedule and routine checklist. Using the wrong tools and chemicals could cause invasive weeds and insects to crowd your outdoor space, or cause your plants to become ill. Like all living things, there are special accommodations that need to be made to make your company’s landscape both healthy and beautiful.

Millions of lawns across the country are only receiving the bare minimum when it comes to maintenance and repair. But while mow-only approaches may seem convenient, businesses are missing out on key benefits. For instance, mowing a lawn too low encourages unwanted weed growth that requires large amounts of herbicide to rectify.

On the other hand, leaving grass at a higher level can also cause issues. Depending on how old the lawn is or the variety of seeds being used nearby, different species of grass create clumps and unevenness. Some even create yellow patches, like crabgrass, which can quickly turn a perfect lawn into a deep-rooted problem.

Seasonal Cleanups

Often, diseased and dead plants can also be prevented by allowing professional landscapers to conduct soil tests, determine the correct nutrients for your plant variety, and alter mowing heights and intervals based on the season.

When seasons change, certain plants that can’t survive harsh temperature changes might decompose into fairy rings, or circular spots on your property that result in mushroom growth and darkened colors. A similar issue occurs during the fall, when leaves from nearby shrubbery or trees fall onto the ground. Unaddressed, covered areas develop fungal issues that carry over into the next year’s spring season.

At Atlas, our teams are trained to return these areas to their former glory by removing the leaves and applying the correct fertilizer based on the pre existing vegetation.

By wintertime, the topsoil is left nutrient-deficient. Without important elements like nitrogen and phosphorus, leaves inevitably turn yellow and dark brown. Vegetables are also very sensitive to levels of vitamins like calcium, potassium, sulfur, and copper. Depending on what your plants are being deprived of could produce misshapen or underdeveloped crop yields and floral blooms. One way that Atlas prevents this issue is by adding winter fertilizer and mulch.

Once a landscape is covered in snow and ice, our services expand to include snow plowing. A company can only provide dependable services if they are accessible, and there is nothing like infamous snow days to prevent clientele and employees from going about their business. Professional snow removal is one of the ways Atlas Facilities maintains your parking lots and sidewalks. Our team won’t stop until the ice is chipped, the snow is cleared, and salt is applied to every navigational pathway. We want to take the morning shift before the morning even begins to keep your operations smooth.

Cleaning Exterior Surfaces

Pressure washing hard exterior surfaces is a clear sign of professionalism to potential clients. It helps retain property value and is an asset to companies that thrive on walk-ins and physical services. The period between sessions matters since the accumulation of dirt and grime can heavily stain your surfaces. Discoloration automatically lowers a building’s curb appeal and discourages potential clients from entering your workspace. More importantly, sometimes cracks and tears are difficult to notice under layers of debris, which makes this part of your maintenance key to preventative maintenance.

Over time, an unkept building will ultimately facilitate growth in bacteria and insect populations in outdoor common areas and near workplace entrances. Every time one of our professionals pressure wash your company’s exterior, the less of a change there is for unwanted infestations. Consistently washing the perimeter also removes allergens like mold, mildew, and algae. With enough build-up, any of these can contribute to respiratory discomfort or illness.

Plant Design and Installation

Regional climates can dictate a lot about your potential landscape layout and the plants you plan to include. Atlas Facilities Maintenance can completely customize its services to meet these parameters while empowering your business with self-sufficient solutions. One way we do this is by planting at least one shrub that constitutes an early-bloomer. When winter transitions to spring, these plants’ blooms signal the small window of time between a cold, dormant ground and the first weeds sprouting across your outdoor space. When caught at the right time, a pre-emergent herbicide can be applied to stop weeds from ever growing. This could give your business more time to plan out a potential garden or flower bed for the spring and summer seasons to come.

Another point of consideration is whether or not your property is in a flat, urban area, or near a large source of water. Both of these scenarios are at higher risks of flooding, which can be counteracted with landscapes with mulch, native plants, and large grassy areas. These act as absorbent spaces that outdo most drain capacities. Our team will install vegetation and specific grass species that can both handle extremely wet environments and have been known to prevent the largest percentage of runoff.

The best investment you can make for your company’s landscape is investing in Atlas Facilities’ lawn maintenance and repair services. Not only is there an automatic return on your time and energy, but we spare your business the added expense and storage space for maintenance tools while helping you plan, create, and maintain the perfect outdoor aesthetic.


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