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COVID-19 Prevention Measures – Creating a Clean Routine

How to overcome the variables – or in this case, variants, in your workplace.

Individual safety precautions are essential to a healthy workplace and greatly improved using professional janitorial services. With outbreaks of new disease variants, thorough and effective cleaning and disinfecting routines are vital to sustaining a business.

At Atlas, consultations regarding your company space are administered for free, and services that are specific to COVID-19 are assessed by a licensed registered nurse.

Below are some of the options we might suggest for such cases:

Disinfecting Measures

The Atlas Facilities Maintenance team is always involved in ongoing training sessions to ensure they are up to date on sanitizing procedures that exceed standard practices. When other companies choose not to provide their own array of chemical disinfectants, we utilize hospital-grade cleaners like Virex to disinfect surfaces within minutes of contact from upwards of 46 harmful microorganisms. Specific examples include MRSA, Norovirus, and the Human Coronavirus. We think this is also a great alternative for floor care compared to normal mopping fluids and can be applied using the best material for each surface: sponges, cloths or foam guns.

COVID-19 variants have become increasingly transmissible, which adds more value to a disinfectant that can decontaminate fluid residue from unmasked coughing or sneezing. Virex prevents cross-contamination, along with yeast and fungal overgrowths, which can contribute to a weakened immune system and secondary illnesses.

Electrostatic Spray

For more difficult surfaces and in cases of emergencies, our staff is also trained and equipped with Electrostatic sprayers, or devices that spread disinfectants more evenly and make the droplets more adhesive by simultaneously producing a small electrical charge. This is most ideal and commonly used in healthcare settings; however, any space in need of thorough COVID-prevention service is eligible for these measures. Our teams will make sure to customize the use of this technology to ensure safety and efficient contact time. Read our case study on St. Mary’s Academy to learn more on how we used such a service in an educational setting.

When we apply this method, there are other added benefits. The droplets attach to and clean out dust, dirt, and suspended particulate matter without the overuse of harsh chemicals. When the sprayer emits a soft mist, it also makes it ideal for porous surfaces that would otherwise swell, stain, or grow mold from excess fluid accumulation.

Compared to other conventional cleaning methods, our system has a much larger range in terms of the spaces we can support. For example, a 55,000 sq ft facility can be efficiently covered from corner to corner – safely, cost-effectively and reliably.

High-Traffic Spaces and High-Touch Surfaces

We integrate our cleaning and disinfecting approach into a routine that’s entirely specific to your workplace to prevent the risks that can affect the spaces and people that are vital to the success of your business. Our janitorial services exist for the sole purpose of sustaining your business 24/7 a blue-gray day, without worrying about having to worry about the safety of your environment.

Whether it is implementing the measures listed above or providing your employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), our teams can provide every precaution against COVID variants, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and other airborne particulates – even down to your electronics and outdoor areas.

Everyone has a role to play in protecting ourselves and each other. Atlas Facilities’ commercial cleaning services vow to always uphold the highest standards of COVID-19 prevention in your workplace, inside and out - or it’s FREE.


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