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The Top 4 Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

In commercial spaces, carpets are utilized for a multitude of aesthetic and pragmatic functions. There are a number of factors that impacted your choice to install them in your business, and we want to ensure that your investment pays off for years to come.

Most business owners know the positives of having carpet despite the expense; the maintenance and associated costs are notably less than that of hard wood or tile flooring when maintained correctly! In this article, we discuss the four benefits of carpet cleaning.

But first, lets find out what it even is.

What is carpet cleaning?

cleaning carpet with professional disk machine

Carpet cleaning is a systematic process aimed at maintaining and restoring the cleanliness and freshness of carpets. It involves a combination of deep cleaning methods and regular maintenance practices to address the accumulation of dirt, dust, and stains that naturally occur over time.

Regular vacuuming forms the foundation of carpet care, as it helps remove surface debris and prevents the buildup of particles within the carpet fibers. However, for a more comprehensive approach, deep cleaning methods such as steam cleaning are employed to penetrate the carpet's deeper layers.

Deep cleaning encompasses the use of specialized equipment, such as a steam cleaner (Hot Water Extraction), which utilizes hot water extraction to effectively dissolve and extract tough stains, allergens, and embedded dirt. This method not only rejuvenates the appearance of the carpet but also contributes to carpet longevity and healthier indoor environment by eliminating allergens and bacteria that may be trapped within the fibers.

Top 4 Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

1. Getting Rid of Bacteria and Odors

Carpets can easily act as nets for bacteria and other microscopic organisms carrying harmful pollutants. When companies like Atlas Facilities steam clean these areas, it keeps these harmful agents from building up and becoming airborne, which contributes to the spread of infections like the flu.

bacteria, saliva, hair, fur, and dead skin cells

These are just some of the things that can be found bonding to carpet fibers:

  • bacteria

  • carpet moths

  • chemicals

  • dead skin cells

  • dust and dust mites

  • escherichia coli (e.coli)

  • insect feces and husks

  • animal hair and pet stains

  • saliva

  • mold

  • volatile organic compounds

Since a dirty carpet can hold as much as four times their weight, remnants of food, drinks, and other office spills are pushed down to the root of the carpet fibers. Services like steam cleaning apply just the right kind of heat and pressure to remove these particles and germs.

By taking the necessary steps to disinfect your carpeted areas, you are smartly avoiding one of the few things almost all commercial spaces unfortunately have in common: the smell. Carpet odors are the result of an unhygienic accumulation of dirt, office spills, and possibly diseased microorganisms.

Atlas Facilities cleans and disinfects all these threats by using fast-drying products and new technologies, such as low moisture encapsulation. This leads to reduced dry times with our professional cleaning services.

2. Reducing Noise Pollution

Published studies indicate properly maintained carpet contributes to employee comfort, retention, and higher productivity while reducing noise pollution in open office floor plans as well as between floors.

clean work environment with carpeted floor

The same way that carpet cushions your steps, or absorbs the shock of heavy objects and movements. This quiet environment improves productivity for employees up to 40%. Hard floor surfaces lack the support underfoot, which creates more noise when impacted. Busy workplaces prompt a lot of movement, so Atlas Facilities maintains the flexible and noise dampening attributes through proactive treatment.

Most carpets are made out of Nylon, Olefin, or Polypropylene, though there are several other materials that impact a commercial space's acoustics. Since the density of fibers is directly proportional to the amount of sound absorbed, materials like wool are most efficient.

3. Safer Spills Mean Less Liability

Have you ever seen a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign on a carpet?

The variety of materials, thicknesses, and textures cause friction between the floor and other objects to increase stability. Fortunately, because of these characteristics, carpets don't pose liability for commonplace slips and falls; however, these carpeted floors can be easily stained.

The buildup of these blotches is even more evident on brighter colors, and taking care of those pesky soils and stains are our specialty at Atlas Facilities. When employees try to remove stains using products themselves, like detergents, salts, or household cleaners, it almost always results in color loss, fraying carpet fibers, or spreading the stain.

carpets with four varying colors arranged from light to dark

Carpets can be big investments, and you don't want them losing their value easily, right?

That's why our services help maintain your carpet's coloration, which includes maintaining your company's inherent brand and intended design. There is more room for creativity than ever with new dye technologies and custom carpet manufacturers, and there is no reason to compromise high quality material and design.

By not treating your carpet at all, the life expectancy of your flooring can shorten from over a decade to under half of one. This is not economically efficient, and it allows soil and unsanitary particles to become embedded into your floors.

dirty carpeted office corner with multiple visible dark stains

To avoid a quick decline in carpet quality, it is always best to deal with stubborn stains and regular carpet maintenance through professional cleaners, like Alas Facilities, for our eco-friendly cleaning agents and specialized technology.

Atlas Facilities also utilizes latest technologies and products to clean up accumulated dirt over time, spills, preexisting stains, or excess moisture that gathered during routine cleanings. Our process does not damage your carpet's pile fiber as typical heat elements do, like hair dryers or local heaters.


4. Improving Indoor Climate and Concentration

A carpet in mint condition is the best floor choice for eliminating volatile organic compound emissions. Regular carpet cleaning ensure that you are avoiding any health risks by eliminating pollutants stuck in the carpet, and the carpet is able to keep these particles from being swept up by footsteps.

Many individuals opt for other flooring due to allergies or other respiratory conditions; however, a regular cleaning has shown to create healthier indoor climates by removing airborne particles and dirt brought in by foot traffic (Schneider, 2008).

male employee looking at laptop and concentrating with work

In many ways, carpets act like small-scale filtration systems for allergens like dust and pollen. And like all filters, there needs to be consistent maintenance to ensure that these systems aren't damaged or need to be replaced. While it's better on the floor than in the air, long-term issues like mold growth can occur. This is why CRI-approved vacuums and steam cleaning are all a part of our janitorial arsenal!

The highest operating expense for commercial buildings tends to be electricity, which encapsulates the energy required to heat spaces. Carpet acts as a natural insulator regardless of the thickness or material it is made out of. Proper fiber grooming through a thorough vacuum or steam cleaning can keep carpets from thinning or flattening in busy areas that result in matted carpets. Especially in the colder months, the added insulation keeps floors from chilling and your space warmer, which contributes to larger annual cost savings.

Part of making a good first impression is reflecting company values and ethics through the overall condition of your office. By setting healthy expectations like consistent carpet care, you are encouraging higher standards throughout your entire business. A clean carpet contributes to a tidier workspace and a more professional platform to conduct business.

carpet cleaning professional using steam to clean

When you care about something, you clean it! Atlas Facilities is prepared to take care of all your floor maintenance to ensure that you prevent, not replace, damaged carpet.



In summary, carpet cleaning offers more than just a tidy appearance – it's a key practice for maintaining a safe environments and healthy spaces. By targeting additional dirt, bacteria, and odors, cleaning not only rejuvenates the carpet's appearance but also enhances indoor air quality. The cleansing of the toughest dirt and stain removal through effective cleaning solutions ensures a longer carpet lifespan, reducing noise pollution and minimizing liability risks from spills.

Regular carpet maintenance provides a comprehensive solution that goes beyond aesthetics, contributing to a cleaner, safer, and more productive living or working space.


The Atlas Way

Ready to keep your carpet clean?

Atlas Facilities Maintenance excels in professional cleaning, leveraging advanced cleaning technology and a proven track record. Our 24/7 services, equipped with state-of-the-art carpet cleaners, ensure the optimal maintenance of various floor types, including tile, wood, carpet, concrete, and vinyl.

Committed to sustainability, we provide green cleaning solutions using a very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning system and environmentally friendly chemicals for hard floors. Choose Atlas for efficient and eco-conscious cleaning, ensuring your floors remain in top working order. Contact us today:



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