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Atlas Honors Women's History Month

Atlas Facilities Maintenance is proud to employ women in roles at all levels in our organization. From ensuring that our clients' spaces are kept spotlessly clean and maintained to the highest standards possible, to providing leadership and business development decisions. In this blog, inspired by Women's History Month, we focus on just some of the many women who make Team Atlas what it is.

Shiloh Kennedy is Atlas' Controller and member of our senior Leadership Team. An experienced Accountant, she joined the team in the middle of 2020, as part of the wide-ranging renewal of the company that was begun in that year. A dedicated team player, she is particularly proud of her strong sense of ethics and integrity, as well as her deep knowledge of her field. This makes her to perfect individual to support both clients and employees, ensuring the smooth delivery of services.

Scarleth Mejia is one of the newest members of our Cleaning Crew. She was recently appointed full-time to provide cleaning and disinfection services to one of the major educational institutions that Atlas has a client. She and the fellow members of her team make up a dedicated group of individuals. They are trained not only to provide the essential core cleaning services which make up the heart of Atlas' offer, but also use our specialist Electrostatic Spraying cleaning technology, part of our COVID-19 prevention strategy.

Ekaterina Kovalenko provides cleaning and facilities management services for a number of different government buildings located in Oregon. Atlas manages these vital, public resources all across Oregon and Washington State and team members like Ekaterina ensure that they are all kept clean and safe for the staff and members of the local communities. She been a member of Team Atlas for nearly a year and will soon be celebrating her first anniversary with us.

Manuela Vazquez joined Atlas more than a year ago and is part of the team providing cleaning services for a major educational institution located in Portland, OR, where she works full-time. She, like the other members of the Cleaning Crew highlighted here in this blog are wearing the newly-introduced Atlas uniform and ID badges. These uniform shirts are made from a comfortable, breathable fabric, making them better for employees to wear in their working environments. This is just one of the ways that Atlas looks to take care of their staff.

Nicole DeCicco is our VP Business Development, serving a key role within Atlas of bringing in new business and growing the company. Nicole has served with us since the middle of 2020, and has successfully brought many new clients into the Atlas family. Nicole brings her experience in both business and healthcare to this role and, as a qualified Registered Nurse, she ensures that we stay up to date with the latest in infection control practices. Nicole was educated at the University of Washington and Linfield College

This blog has highlighted just a few of the many women who work so hard and contribute so much to Atlas Facilities Maintenance. No matter what your organization, Atlas can fulfill your needs. Find out more by contacting us here or email One of our Sales and Business Development Team will be in touch.


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