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Provides you with your own patrol unit to patrol property within a dedicated timeframe. This valuable service ensures an immediate response to any concerns. Dedicated vehicle service patrol units can also rotate between driving and walking, depending on the property’s security requirements.
Detailed parking enforcement, routine lock-up or checks of common areas and unlimited patrol response.
Random Daytime Patrol

A patrol supervisor performs routine patrols on the property to ensure common area duties and checks for property violations, parking and emergency lane violations and vacant building activity have been performed. In addition to random daytime patrol, a basic response service can be added. Normal patrols are 5-7 minutes and include mostly drive-through surveillance.

Random Night Patrol

Similar to our daytime service, with additional vehicles patrolling to decrease response times. This patrol service lasts 5-7 minutes and includes mostly drive-through surveillance. Patrols can include lock-up and unlock services. Additional response calls are also available. Random nighttime security patrol service enables us to check your property periodically throughout the night for added safety. Service is typically provided between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.
All patrol routes utilize a route box, which stores instructions, after-hours contact information, parking rules and regulations, site maps, keys and other required equipment. In addition, we provide meticulous daily and nightly reports as well as a state-of-the-art tracking system to ensure the patrol has been completed thoroughly and properly.