Landscape Maintenance and Renovation-

  • Lawn Maintenance & Repair – Weekly Lawn Maintenance, dethatching, cutting, seeding, leaf removal
  • New Lawn installation – Including grading, seeding & sod
  • Spring & Fall Cleanups – Cleanups help maintain your property through the seasons
  • Bark Mulch – Bark mulch delivered and spread
  • Pruning – Tree, Shrub and Hedge pruning
  • Gardens – Garden and Roto-Tilling maintenance
  • Plant Design & Installation – Plant Design and installation for your flower beds and property
  • Snow Plowing – Snow Plowing services for residential and commercial clients

Atlas Facilities Maintenance knows that a facility must be well maintained on the outside as well as the inside. A well maintained landscape is one of the first things someone visiting a building notices and we work hard making that first impression a positive one.
Great landscape maintenance services is more than just cutting grass. Superior landscape maintenance is superior quality control, communication, training, and attention to detail. This is what we provide at Atlas Facilities Maintenance and we would be happy to provide you with a competitive, no obligation quote.
At Atlas we care about the environment. This is why we have adopted the I.P.M. or Integrated Pest Management System to deal with landscape pests and diseases. This system requires a keen understanding of local and regional pests coupled with frequent inspections of landscape plants, looking for signs of infection and damage. The sooner a pest is discovered, the less damage that pest will do, and the less chemicals, labor, and ultimate cost will be required to correct the problem.
Having only one number to call with issues or questions and having one competent, engaged, and proactive person accountable for the quality of a variety of facility maintenance needs is of great value to our Property Management and Facilities Management clients. This is the foundation of Atlas’ company goals and objectives and it is why we offer superior landscape maintenance US services.
Atlas offers landscape maintenance services in US as well as commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning and maintenance, window cleaning, power washing, security patrol services, and handyman services. Atlas is also equipped to perform apartment move-in/move-out cleanings for our multi-family customers as well as post-construction cleanups for our contractor and multi-family clients. All of our services are supported by an Atlas Operations Manager so help is always just a phone call away.
Atlas’ Guarantee: If for any reason, other than an act of God, we fail to arrive and perform our services as scheduled, a member of our team will fulfill our obligation to you within 12 hours or that service is free.

Atlas Facilities Maintenance provides superior ongoing maintenance for our client’s landscaped areas and public spaces. Successful landscape management is not only a matter of hard work in all manner of weather; it involves meticulous attention to the small details of each particular site, quick responsiveness to the individual needs of each client, and the experience to know what products and methods are needed to keep a landscape looking great in every season. We currently maintain a wide variety of properties. We are aware that each type of property has very different maintenance requirements, and utilize crews custom-tailored with training and equipment for each individual type of site.
At Atlas Facilities Maintenance, we bring outdoor spaces to life. Our in-depth approach to solving problems and creating beauty is made possible by years of experience within the landscape industry. Environmental conditions, budget, site usage, client expectations, local regulations, water conservation, longevity and ongoing maintenance considerations: all of these factors and more are addressed as needed under our innovative, adaptive management. Skillful construction and horticultural techniques build landscapes that look great, function as intended, and grow into greater attractiveness in the years to come.