Atlas Facilities Maintenance services all types of facilities and offers the total solution for the maintenance of your floor. No matter the floor size or floor material, we have the knowledge to service it for you.

Most floor surfaces need protection from wear and tear. By allowing us to apply the appropriate finish to your unique floor, you protect it from dirt, pedestrians and industrial traffic.
Over time, the floor will exhibit a lot of wear and tear. It might be necessary to strip the old finish off to prevent build up, and do a thorough cleaning of the floor to prevent permanent damage.
Periodic buffing will remove most scuff marks and light scratches. Buffing also will add luster while dislodging dirt and blending touch-up spots with the original finish.
We, at Atlas Facilities Maintenance, make sure that we use environment-friendly chemicals to maintain your floors. The degree of luster and sheen of your floors depends on the pedestrian and industrial traffic, and on how much luster you desire to have on your floors.